This developing situation provides us with a challenge to minister.  As events develop in our communities, we will be looking for ways to serve those who have been affected by the Coronavirus. Please take a few moments to take our church survey. This survey will help us address the needs of all our parishioners and be a presence of hope and peace. We are committed to identifying any needs that may arise and addressing them quickly.


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Fr. Michael H. Kallaur, Economos

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the church open?

The directive from Metropolitan SAVAS stated that parishioners are directed to participate via the internet, with access to the church limited to 25 people per service. These 25 people must have a reservation to attend. Please visit the reservation page for more information.  We ask your help in passing along this information to your friends and family which may not receive our emails.

Are church services continuing on a regular basis?

Church services may continue as scheduled within our parishes, but the parishioners are directed to participate via the internet. A minimum compliment should be present at the parish (no more than 5 persons including the priest, all of whom should be physically healthy and at low risk for the disease, who will participate at the invitation of the priest). Additionally, up to 25 people may attend under the Yellow Phase guidelines- for more information, please visit our reservation page.

If we can't physically be in church, how can we participate in services?

Most services at the church will be viewable via the church live stream. The church live stream does not need any special access to use it, and there is a schedule below the livestream with links to handouts to follow along. Questions? Call the church office at 412-833-3355. You can access the livestream at

Is the church office open?

Our Church offices remain open, however, if you need to be at the Church for any reason, please call ahead. We are always available through phone and email.

What about groups, clubs, and other gatherings?

Due to the governor’s stay-at-home order extending until the end of April, all social activities and classes organized by the church will remain canceled until May 1st. We also wanted to inform you that the St. Photios Banquet, scheduled for May 2, has been canceled.

Will there still be pastoral visits?

Pastoral visits will be limited to emergencies only.

How will funerals be handled?

In the event of the passing into eternal life of one of the faithful, the funeral may be scheduled at the parish, but should only be attended by the family of the deceased. If the parish has the ability to live-stream services, then the family may request the streaming of the funeral. Following the internment, there should be no makaria offered, and the family can be encouraged to host such a gathering after the current restrictions are lifted. In the week after the funeral, a Trisagion service may be appended to the end of one of the services within the parish to offer the community’s prayer for the deceased.

Will there still be a Greek food festival?

As anticipated, our food festival will be postponed. The food festival committee and parish council are discussing alternative dates and ideas regarding modifications to the festival. Although modifications to the festival are expected, we anticipate developing a plan to bring our parish together once the social distancing restrictions have lessened.


This developing situation provides us with a challenge to minister.  As events develop in our communities, we will be looking for ways to serve those who have been effected by the Coronavirus.  If you have suggestions or ideas of how the Church might help, please share them by calling the church office at 412-833-3355.

If you are in need of help or guidance, please call the church office at 412-833-3355.