Youth Ministries

Sunday School

One of the most important ministries at Holy Cross is teaching our children the treasures of Orthodoxy. The mission of our Church School is to lead our children towards Christ and His church. Our goal is to help our young people develop a deep love for Christ and to teach them to be active participants in their faith. The children receive weekly lessons and are actively involved in church processions, service projects, and special activities. Our desire is that each child will grow in his or her faith through worship, weekly study, fellowship, and fun.

Divine Liturgy begins at 9:30am each Sunday. Classes take place following Holy Communion, and end at 11:30 am.

Program Overview: 

  • Our Holy Cross children are given the opportunity to receive Orthodox Education lessons each Sunday during the school year.
  • The children develop friendships with other Orthodox young people.
  • The Program supports parents to educate their children in the Faith, and reinforces what the lessons that should be taught at home.

* On Sunday morning, there is also an adult catechetical program with Fr. Daniel Korba. Adults already Orthodox and those seeking more information about the Orthodox Faith are welcome.