"Believing that a church on a hill cannot be hidden, we always let our light shine before the world, so that it may see our good works and give glory to our Father Who is in Heaven."


On behalf of our Metropolitan SAVAS and the entire Community of Holy Cross, it is my joy to welcome you!!! Holy Cross Church was established in 1954 in the South Hills of Pittsburgh to serve the Greek Orthodox faithful who lived in this area. Since that time Holy Cross Church continues to grow and seeks to reflect the Light of Christ to all those who are seeking to encounter Him.

To join a Church there are two components; one is spiritual, the other is physical or material. The spiritual component is coming to Church regularly and participating in the Sacramental life of the Church. You must be Orthodox in order to receive the sacraments of the Church. If you or your spouse is not Orthodox and would like to enter the Orthodox Faith, please call me and we will set up a time to meet and proceed from there. Holy Communion and Holy Confession work together to bring us into the presence of the Living God. The physical or material component of Church life is reflected in the word “Stewardship.” We are stewards of the gifts God has given to us. The Church and her ministries require your support. Your time, your talent, and your treasure these three go together. It is our greatest joy, to have ALL the faithful members of the community participating in the ministries of the Church. There are many, many ministries in the life of the Church! Please share with us your talents and we will work together to see what brings the greatest joy and blessings to all.

Not wishing to overwhelm you in this letter, let me invite you to give us some basic information that we would need to send you the monthly “Crossroads” publication and calendar of Church activities. We also are making an effort to communicate by email. Please include your email address. A Stewardship Card is enclosed for you to prayerfully consider what gifts you might offer to the Lord.

Please do not hesitate to call me and discuss any concern you might have. It is my joy to serve you. Thank you for joining and participating in the life of our Holy Orthodox Church here at Holy Cross.

In Christ,

Fr. Michael H. Kallaur