Exterior Sanctuary and Community Center Painting and Improvement Project

Mar 12, 2024 | Completed Projects

You may have noticed that the exterior of our church and community center look much cleaner and brighter. This is thanks to a massive exterior project that occurred in 2023 that included painting, brick cleaning, masonry work, new flashing, and much more to repair and protect our parish for years to come.

Painting: The Building Committee contracted with Image Works Painting to paint the exterior of the church sanctuary and community center. The project included painting all exterior surfaces, sealant replacement, and glazing on windows.

Brick Cleaning and Masonry Work: The Building Committee contracted with Mariani and Richards to clean the front limestone around the exterior of the Narthex, repoint stonework, and remove and replace inferior brickwork at the community center.

Weatherproofing Projects: Thanks to work by Mariani and Richards and Image Works Painting, extensive weatherproofing was done to the exterior of the sanctuary and community center, including new sealant, caulking, and other surface treatments.